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Narrative Campaign Begins! The Battle for Korva Prime.

The small celestial body known as Korva contains four notable features, Korva Prime a large earthen planet that lies desolate, its rocky crags concealing hard mineral resources.  While Korva Major, a desolate rock massive in size is the largest moon.  Korva Minor, a small moon that satellites closer to Prime then its larger brother, is the second moon.  And finally the Barrier, a string of asteroids floating in an orbit closer still to Prime than either moon.

Korva Prime is a world that has been on the eastern fringe under imperial control for a meager hundred years.  It is still heavily under construction as this world has vast mineral resources deep beneath its rugged exterior.  A full PDF defends the planet and manages several mining and construction crews as they run a planet wide resource excavation.  The digging crews do not know why they require so many guardsmen, nor do they understand why the brass are always so paranoid on this desolate place, but they do not realize how little they know.

Korva Prime's PDF has kept it a dark secret that this world once contained a verdant array of life, and even an intelligent species controlling its evolution.  It once contained it because the entire world was completely eradicated by virus bombing several hundred years prior, eradicated because the intelligent species were of Tyranid design.  The Emperors chosen care little for what grand design the Hive Mind had for this world, and now it has been reclaimed in his great name and glory.

So the men of Korva Prime toil away with ever vigilant guardsmen keeping close watch for any sign of life in the depths of this world that may have survived.

Chapter 1-

The Imperial Fist cruiser Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faithful) came to an abrupt halt upon the eastern fringe of Imperial space.  The orders of Brother Captain Zaicarious had just a moment ago been for his company to return to their chapter house for resupply, they had just completed a long campaign and their armory was at only half capacity.  Zaicarious had held the title of captain for only 3 years, and though he was used to the burden of commanding several men as a Sergent for countless years, the burden of choices like this felt heavy on his shoulders.

Not a moment ago his Brother Librarian had informed him of an incoming message coming from a downed Rogue Trader vessel.  What made the message remarkable was that it was coming from an asteroid moving as a strong pace, and the only noise heard in the message was the garbled screams of dying men.  This would not have been something worth the Astartes' time except that the asteroid was on a direct course with an imperial world, and the asteroid was one of several.  Their sheer size would be enough to kill thousands if not more.  This was the kind of decision that a Brother Captain makes and does not blink.

The Fidei Defensor would live up to its name sake, intercepting those asteroids, and destroying them with demolition charges before they could make impact.  Into the unknown, on a mission to save countless lives, his worn down supply would be enough for the Emperor rewards the faithful.

The order was given, and the brothers prepared them selves.  They would be sending down their Brother Chaplain along with a strike team to demolish the asteroids one at a time, the expertise of the Imperial Guard forces they had accompanying them would lend aid as well.

Upon landing on the asteroid and preparing the charges, the forces of mankind found something far more sinister than any natural occurring disaster.  The asteroid was host to a large force of Tyranid beasts, and the great devourer smelled meat.

Men died together as brothers in faith, while they had failed to destroy the rock, they did manage to communicate the true threat at hand to their chapter, and god willing they would have their revenge.

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Quick Reads: Dark Eldar INCOMING!

So unless you live under a rock, you probably noticed on GW's main site that the Dark Eldar are coming to 40k.  While not a huge fan my self, they have been a long time out, and I know for a fact that our own groups Hater is pretty excited to see what they do.

U.S.S you just crapped your selves.
While all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, the rumor sites are a flourish and some sources hint that we can all but expect the following products:
  • A brand new codex
  • 3 Metal Blisters
  • 2 Metal Boxes
  • 6 Plastic boxes
    • Warriors
    • Wyches
    • Raider
    • Ravager
    • Hellions
    • Jet bikes
Because regular bikes and armor are for pansies.

So some pretty exciting stuff here for you dark eldar players, and 40k players new from the last few years will probably get to face off against a foe they have never seen before.  I'm pretty excited and I don't even play these armies.

Seems like a friendly chap.
All of this is rumored to release in no less then November!  Get ready for pain!

A Slayer is born!

Welcome back to the Border Princes Campaign, if you are new to the campaign, then please feel free to start form the beginning here.

This installment chronicles the first of two battles that took place on campaign turn seven.  You will find below a narrative listing of events, army lists of both players, and some illustrations to help show the battle.  Additionally the thoughts of Loki, the Dwarf player can be found in blue, while the thoughts of Hater, the Lizard player can be found in green.  Additionally you can find Zaszz's random musings in red.  Please enjoy.

This battle would take place on a secluded river bank as a Dwarf banner moved out of the foot hills of their mountain strong holds down onto a river bank.  This riverbank would quickly become an infamous location, the birthing place of a Slayer who would later go on to collect a hefty toll in blood for his fallen.

A man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous kind of man.

Thoruce Boozebeard's Banner of Thunder

Lord Thoruce Boozebeard- Shield, Runes: Alaric the Mad, Cleaving, Fury, Stone
Thane Herod Stonesmiter- Battle Standard runed with master rune of Stronni Redbeard, Rune of Guarding
Master Engineer Beam with brace of pistols, and a Rune of Stone

30 Dwarf Warriors- with shields, great weapons, musician, standard bearer, veteran
10 Quarrelers- with shields
20 Longbeards- with shields, musician, standard bearer, veteran, master rune of Grungi
1 Grudge Thrower
1 Cannon with an engineer, rune of reforging
1 Cannon with engineer, runes of reforging, burning
20 Hammerers with shields, musician, standard bearer, veteran

I created this list trying to balance my desire for strong shooting and characters against the need for strong regiments of Dwarf infantry.  My original plan was to place a cannon and Quarrelers on one flank, with the other cannon and grudge thrower opposite, then have a line of troops in the middle.  This line would have had the Longbeards in the center along with the Herod my standard bearer.  Unfortunately we got the dawn attack scenario and my line ended up sprawled all over. 

My list did admirably but my lack of any dispel support probably cost me the game even more then the random deployment.  The enemy hexes really cost my forces some combats that probably would have been won with more magic defense.

Mustache armor, fuck yeah.

Slaan IxiTixiTze's Banner of Celestial Righteousness
Slaan Mage Priest IxiTixiTze- Focus of Mystery, Higher State of Consciousness, Focused Rumination, Cupped Hands - Lore of Metal
Scar Veteran- Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Battle Standard, Razor Standard
Skink Priest- Plaque of Tepok, Glyph Necklace
20 Saurus Full Command
20 Saurus Full Command
5 Terradons
10 Skink Skirmishers with a Brave
10 Skink Skirmishers with a Brave
3 Jungle Swarms
6 Kroxigar

I think this list served Hater well, personally I would have dropped the Razor Standard, in favor of magical armor, especially going with a great weapon as the enemy will strike him first, possibly removing his standard before it can help.  However Scar Veterans are fairly tough, and I think Hater's results speak for them selves. 

Clearly bricks of Saurus backed by a strong magical phase are a hard combo to beat.  It's worth mentioning that I think Loki never really considered firing his cannons at the Slaan out on his own, and I believe since they are covered in runes they are magical and could have slain him out right.

The Dwarf forces were going through a long stretch of leisure, as they had been expanding with no serious threats to stop them for several months.  They had laid claim to much of the riches this mountainous region held, and as so many of their days of marching had ended before, they ended this day with several kegs of the finest brews available.  Little did they realize that a very real threat patiently lie in wait, watching its prey with predator focus. 
Shhh, we're sneaking!

Across the river but a stones throw away the Lizardmen forces waited until cover of darkness and a drinking man's morning haze to slip across the river unnoticed.  Once across the banner made its move, forming into military formation and rapidly marching upon the enemy.  As it turns out the Dwarf forces may have had a few too many as by the time they saw the enemy was upon them they were only able to scramble into a loose and spread formation, while the enemy was centered and prepared.

Both players rolled up dawn battle, and after I prepared a suitable terrain set for the encounter, they began rolling for deployment.  Unfortunately for Loki, his boys seemed a bit too hung over still, and he ended up being forced to have two key units in the far left, and two in the far right sections, this would be a challenge, as his opponent was able to get most units into the center.

Click to Zoom

The first few moments of the battle were almost surreal to the Dwarf army, as the sounds of their enemies marching could hardly pierce their drunken haze. With a calamatous blast the Dwarf soldiers were shaken back to focus, the shots felling a few lizards, giving some hope to the stout army.  The lizards were resolute however marching on, inspired by the magical prowess of IxiTixTze, as he slew a few Dwarf soldiers in return.

Just momments later the sky darkened over a cannon crew as they looked up to see horrible winged bests swooping down upon them.  They fought on valiantly refusing to abandon the precious war machine, they would rather die than see it defiled.  Across the river their brothers engaged in combat with the smaller lizards, cutting them to ribbons, and with fire in their lungs they charged head long into another battle!

Ha ha, he thought his speed bump would stop me, it's so much fun now that with random charge distances things like this can happen, before it was all set in stone, if he speed bumped correctly I would lose if I charged, so I just held there and it was 4 straight turns of posturing, this is vastly more fun!

Click to Zoom
Not to be out done, Boozebeard and his unit soon found them selves wading deep into swarms of jungle snakes and showed them that a Dwarf could not be slowed by such lowly creatures.  After making quick work of these nuisances Boozebeard ordered the charge into the foes Saurus, he would show them the power of runic weaponry!  Unfortunately for Boozebeard, he could not hear over the battle field that his Warriors had failed him, the magic of the Slaan, combined with the pure ferocious prowess of Saurus was too much to overcome, and they were slain to the last Dwarf.  To make matters worse his cannon crew after fighting on for so long, were finally out done.

Click to Zoom
I was a little disappointed with the performance of jungle swarms, maybe in greater number, or against basic troops they will do a better job of holding them in place and allow me to better out maneuver my foes.  Also those Dwarf crew are REALLY tough to crack with anything short of full size units!

Things were starting to look all too easy for IxiTixTze, as his troops had all but cleared one flank, he focused his gaze upon the remaining enemy troops.  Through his magic he was able to enhance his own troops weaponry, while simultaneously rusting away his foes armor, surely with both these advantages, and Kroxigor in flanking position, this would be an easy sweep leaving only one foe remaining!

Click to Zoom
Honestly I thought I had this game all sewn up here, my magic was just making quick work of these combats while I was taking some losses I was winning, and it seemed all set!

Much to the chagrin of IxiTixTze, Boozebeard stubbornly refused to give ground, while his men had suffered some losses, they were inspired by the destruction their Lord laid upon the enemy.  The Dwarf forces were implacable, like trying to move the earth itself they would have to die to the last Dwarf, and with reinforcements coming this may yet be a turning point!

Click to Zoom
That's what you get, stubborn re-roll able 10 to hold out for reinforcements really gets me a ton of breathing room with my troops, still those Kroxigar and buffs were cutting me down, I was pretty nervous.

Just as quickly as his Longbeards had joined the fight, Boozebeard would see all of his loyal Hammerers slain in brutal combat.  Boozebeard wandered away from combat for a moment, he had failed all of his men, their lives on his hands.  He turned to face the enemy once more, slaying few, but without his heart in the fight, the enemy over powered him.  As he lay on the ground bleeding and crippled, he thought that at least he would die in battle, but that too would be taken from him.  The Dwarf Lord awoke upon the river bank, while he was gravely injured he still had strength in him to march, it seemed the Lizards had left him for dead, afraid to finish the job.  He would wander back to his home in shame and disgust, failing to even die a proper death.

Click to Zoom
The truth is, battle cannot be avoided for a man such as Boozebeard, upon reaching home he declared his plans to leave with the next banner.  After saying his good byes, and recording his defeat in the book of grudges, he set transforming him self into a terror.  He dropped his armor, and ornamented him self with fierce hair and tattoos, he would only need his weapon where he was going.  As a grim visage of savage ferocity he would wander the battle fields namelessly, seeking to slay all who stood before him.  In a mad rage he would find death or kill everything in this world worth killing, a Slayer has been born.

I wonder if the Lizards will regret giving birth to a Slayer with this much hatred.  I suppose only time will tell if Boozebeard gets his redemption, and can die a heroes death.

With hair this bad ass do you really need armor?

Coming next: High Elves vs Lizardmen, this time the High Elves have back up!

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Much coming soon!

God its been a blast the last few days, I've been assembling and painting all my new minis from the Isle of Blood set, which you may recall I was a little bit excited for.  That along with building the terrain for our 40k campaign, and making rules for it, AND writing and running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I have really had my hands full. 

We have been playing and taking pictures and notes for our fantasy campaign of course, I just havn't had time to finish all the content we have coming just yet.  In the mean time I thought it might be fun to give you guys an update, and to share this funny comic with you.  Enjoy the comedy of one of my favorite web comics, PvP.

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Planet Strike: Tau back story

Welcome back to the Byzanthis Conflict, if you are unfamiliar with the campaign, you can catch up from the beginning by following this link: Byzanthis Conflict.  Below you will find the record of Zaszz's Tau forces just before the conflict broke out into war with Loki's PDF, a war that would decide the fate of billions.
After the combined forces of the Tau destroyed the Ork presence on the world of Fi'rios, Commander Shadowsun gave the orders.  The main forces were given a number of targets, they would split up and engage in hit and run tactics to throw the enemy into disarray.  However some of the Shan'al of these forces were given alternate orders, they would separate from the primary forces (Shan'al are combined Tau commands, used for conquering worlds).  Under the cover created by the diversionary forces, the Shan'al would find the most valuable target worlds, and bring them under the Empire's banner.  A bold gambit as the plan would grant only limited resources for the capture of these worlds.  However this strategy would also leave the enemy unable to gleam even the faintest concept of the Tau strategy through the screen of chaos.
Lar'Shi Flagship Designation:  The Hero of the Midnight Sun
Location: In orbit over Fi'rios

Shan'al Log Entry: 
 The flickering of the blue white display hologram drew Aun'D'Doran's attention away from his environment for a moment, aboard these Lar'Shi class ships the many displays often distracted him from his usual zen like focus.  With a simple motion he dismissed the abundance of information drowning his gaze, to complete this task he only need look to his twin brother across the council table.  

"You were saying?" Aun'D'Elan spoke with the slightest hint of impatience.  "My apologies brother, while I do value the data this council has provided, I have considered all factors and finally grasp that which has eluded me.  The answer is actually quite simple, the secret to its divination was in my meditation, like the patient hunter, I had to calm my mind until what I sought came to me, rather then chase it my self.  While there are many worlds this Shan'al could pursue for the good of the empire, only one would be for the Greater Good.  The world I speak of is the Imperial world of Byzanthis."  

A slight smile peaked from Aun'D'Elan's lips as this was the world he had selected as well, but only Shas'O'Kauyon seemed to share the sentiment.  Solemn contemplation emanated from the remaining three members of the council, focusing on the task now laid before them.  Such is the Tau way, while other cultures may have heated debate over critical strategic decisions, in Tau culture Ethereal's words are taken as fact not opinion.  Aun'D'Doran spoke again wisely allowing the concept to resonate with the Shan'al for a moment.

Graceful and passionate are the twin Ethereals, Doran and Elan.
"On Byzanthis we will find a great deal of things, abundant natural resources, a location for colonization, even men and the materials they produce have use in our empire.  However, only on Byzanthis will we serve an even greater good.  A good that has eluded us for years.  We are too young to know first hand of what I am about to speak, but hear it and hear it well.  This world was ours once not long ago, foolishly we had built colony after colony upon it, foolish because of the ignorance and arrogance of Men.  Men who would strike a war with us ignoring all diplomacy in favor or mindless violence.  These Men have built their factories, their cities, and their temples upon a foundation of our brothers blood, our brothers bone, our brothers very souls!  Only on Byzanthis will we find true justice, on that world we will show these ignorant savages the folly of standing before the true shining glory of the Tau way.  The way of the Greater Good!".

With a final motion the Ethereal gestured for each member to stand and pledge their hand in the goal of securing Byzanthis.

First spoke Chief Engineer Fio'Ko'Kais "My Earth caste will build us a foundation from which we cannot falter Ethereal." speaking boldly for such a young Chief.

Lithely Admiral Sha'is'O'Savon rose from her seat "My Fleet will always carry you upon the path of the greater good", she spoke before bowing deeply.

"I will begin planning for all foreseeable conflicts Aun'D'Doran" quickly chimed Shas'O'Kauyon, General of the military forces, already upon his feet.

Finally with a golden tongue Por'O'Kunas spoke, "My diplomats are familiar with this world and it's peoples leader, we will begin opening venues to discuss the worlds return to it's rightful owners.  They will see the fault of their ways."

If they are deaf to the voice of reason, we will bring upon them the end times for what they have done on this world, they will experience the Mont'au, the great terror.

Diplomatic Log Entry: Por'O'Kunas
The people of this world have proven to be muddied for even the Water caste to cleanse.  All diplomatic channels have failed, military force it seems is the only thing these people will understand.

Tactical Log Entry: Chief Engineer Fio'Ko'Kais
The world chosen for us could be of no greater challenge to take, yet I rise to the occasion to prove my self worthy of my position.  On initial review of the planets defenses all hope seemed lost.  The world has batteries capable of blasting even mighty battle ships into wreckage, and it has this coverage over every conceivable attack point, the Imperials have no blind spot to exploit.  However I have studied their defenses sleeplessly after our meeting trying to find a weakness.

After hours of study I did find one weakness that lies in the tracking rate of the batteries.  They can only turn at a rate to track targets of Cruiser size or larger ships moving at high speeds, and while our large craft cannot avoid them, our smaller landing craft like the Orcas could in theory.  I have begin designing modifications to be made to the Orcas that should allow for entry into the atmosphere at extreme speeds and allow them to carry a variety of packages into the very heart of the enemy.  Hell I might even be able to drop in structures given the rate at which my team has been solving problems.

Got something for ya!
Tactical Log Entry: Admiral Sha'is'O'Savon
That Fio'Ko'Kais just may earn him self the title of Far Sighted after seeing what he is doing to my drop ships, but I think he may be onto the solution. That is the way of the Tau, adapt to the future and we can solve any problem. 

My best pilots were rather stunned to hear they would be piloting drop ships, but they seemed eager enough once I explained they would be performing entry from space at speeds and angles thought impossible by such craft.  I think they rather enjoyed the idea of pushing the envelope so far.  With the detailed information gathered by the Earth caste I was able to determine that I could get bombers past the defenses as well, our ground forces would be supported by raining death.
Slayer has nothing on this bad boy!
Tactical Log Entry: Commander Shas'O'Kauyon
The entries above really speak for them selves, the other castes have proven their skill.  They have looked upon the hardest defenses the Imperium could muster and found a way to supply my troops with rapid deployment, air support, and even structures once we clear a forward base.  While it would be foolish to assume a swift victory at this stage, I feel great confidence as I have already divined my enemies strategy.  Our scanning technology has been following their movements since stage one of their preparations.

They plan to build bastions to turn the land into a veritable fortress, but we will show them how foolish static defense really is.  We will drop in like thunder and lightning, establish a forward base, and launch lightning assaults, swarming key locations from all sides.  Finally when their Space Marine forces are all but upon us ready to taste victory, we will strike.  We will take out their command center in a massive alpha strike, gaining control of their orbital defenses, and turn their batteries upon their own reinforcements.  Their beloved Space Marines will be walking right into a trap, made possible only by the arrogance of Men.
They never saw us coming.
I can see everything laid out before me, as if his mind were a window, I can see through him, knowing his moves several steps before he takes them.

- End Log

I hope you enjoyed the Tau back story for the Byzanthis Conflict, it was a blast to write and really adds flavor to my army.  I have been collecting my tau since their release about 10 years ago if I remember correctly, and I always fancied my self leading a cadre of warriors from Vior'la the Binary Sept.  Their fiery personality leading them to the fore front of many conflicts on many worlds.

Check in soon to see more info as our campaign unfolds!

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Black Library Review: A Thousand Sons

The Wolves are coming.

As an avid fan of “The Horus Heresy” and a larger fan of Graham McNeill I present to you “A Thousand Sons”.  
Click to zoom on this excellent work.
 Magnus, Primarch of the Thousand Sons unquenchably thirsts for the knowledge and power of the arcane. In his quest for forbidden knowledge he ignores a call for war from the wolf king, Leman Russ (not smart). Only after an envoy of less than happy Space Wolves arrives at his door does he leave to join his brother Primarch in the tide of battle. On the planetary capital of Heliosa Magnus and his Thousand Sons stand defiantly before Russ in an attempt to save the last traces of the now conquered system's accumulated history and knowledge from the unleashed rage of the Space Wolves.  Magnus orders the wolves to be held back whatever the cost and the thousand sons release a torrent of psychic power halting the Wolves in their urge to pillage and burn, ultimately blood is spilled.  All that keeps Russ and Magnus from coming to blows is the timely intervention of their brother Primarch Lorgar, of The Word Bearers.  Russ decries Magnus as a Cyclops and wielder of dark powers and before standing down lets Magnus know, “This is not over, blood of Fenris is on your hands and there will be a reckoning between us, Magnus. This I swear…”.
They named tanks after him for a reason.
 The events of Heliosa would lead to the Emperor’s calling for a meeting on the planet of Nikaea, “History would recall this assembly as the Council of Nikaea. Others would know it as the trial of Magnus the Red”. The Emperor decrees that all use of psychic powers are now forbidden and anyone who dares to disobey his command will pay dearly for their mistake.  However it is Magnus who foresees the betrayal of Horus, and when his attempt to stop Horus’ fall from grace fails he turns to use his powers to warn the Emperor of the impending civil war.  In his momentary connection with the Emperor, Magnus sees the folly of his ways and just how much he has destroyed in his attempt to regain his good grace.  The Wolves are thus unleashed and Russ finds his chance for vengeance.  Prospero will burn and all will be dust.  As Magnus’ world comes crashing down around him he realizes he has ultimately been twisted by the forces of Chaos to unknowingly do their bidding helping to bring about this civil war and ultimately his legions destruction. Finally you’re left with Magnus’ heart wrenching struggle over his own fear and guilt.  As a favored son of the Emperor he chose to stop at nothing to prove the value of himself, his legion and the supernatural powers that they possessed.  In his blind ambition Magnus destroyed it all, himself, his legion and the very trust and faith that he tried so hard to establish.
Only to leave behind a legacy of ghosts and sorcerers.
 Weighing in at a beefy 558 pages “A Thousand Sons” is one of, if not the longest book released in the series.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and honestly believe that this is one of the best of the series, more enthralling than “Fulgrim” and more heartfelt than the opening trilogy.  This novel gives a complete first hand and in depth look into just how and why a loyal legion of Astartes can be cast off as traitors, it should be enjoyed by all fans of the 40k universe, not just the Tzeench worshiping cultists of Ahriman. 

Hater's Final Verdict:
This book is AWESOME... in space!

If you enjoyed this review look for more to come from the Black Library Review found here!

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Planet Strike: Imperial back story

The wheels of war have begun to churn on yet another front for the Imperium of Men.  Loki's men will soon be facing off against Zaszz's Tau forces in a campaign of epic proportions.  Quite litterally this will be a series of battles to decide the fate of 12 billion souls.  Below you can now read the first background story from the Imperial perspective, as both sides prepare for a war that promises to turn Byzanthis into a blood soaked nightmare.

Planetary Designation: Byzanthis
Planetary Category: Industrial World
Location: Ultima Segmentum
Capitol: Antimon
Governor: Andras
Population: 12 Billion
Chief Exports: Ammunition (las-based), Dark Angels recruiting world
Planetary Garrison: PDF Regiment Lions Wrath
PDF Status: Full Strength, accompanying armored support, small Dark Angels detachment.

Byzanthis Conflict Log Entry 1:  Located on the eastern fringe with an abundance of material resources and hearty people worthy of recruitment by the Dark Angels, Byzanthis was a tempting target for the greedy Tau xenos.  The Tau began as expected of a cowardly race, trying to worm their way onto the planet with bribery and deceit.  The Tau "diplomats" got into private contact with governor Andras and offered him plots of land on Tau worlds and riches beyond his imagination.  Foolishly Andras considered these offers, choosing to revel in his own fantasy of power, instead of bringing these communications to the military.  However the days grew to weeks and the Tau became impatient, soon the offers became threats until a final chilling message was received.
"One way or another, This world will belong to the greater good."
Realizing his folly, Andras informed Lieutenant Colonel Julius Hawke, Commander of the Planetary Defense Forces, of the imminent Tau attack.  When Hawke learned the source of Andras' information, he did not hesitate to put in the order for the governors immediate execution.  A sentence that would be carried out in the heart of Antimon, to a crowd of frenzied citizens, hungry for the blood of a man who had brought the threat of annihilation to their door.  Control of the entire world would be granted to Hawke upon the execution of Andras, which would lead to a ruthlessly efficient series of changes.  The very face of Byzanthis was turned from industrial juggernaut to unbreakable fortress in the blink of an eye.  The factories and frenzied workers churned out emplacement after emplacement, to fortify the countless bastions and bunkers that were erected seemingly overnight.
Hawke gathered his trusted advisers Lord Commissar Samuel Zeriah and Primaris Pysker Hathor Malidus, there were still some matters that must be resolved.  Zeriah spoke firmly, "The men are prepared, they shall not fail us, their faith is strong!".  Malidus spoke with a voice worn from years of enduring the life of a psyker, "The astropathic message of our plight has been received by Eliath Zurias, Dark Angels 6th Company.  They have ended their recruitment detail and are on route to ensure our victory sir."  Hawke stepped away from his advisers without a word, looking down upon the hell scape he had created, he could not help but grin.  All Hawke would have to do is keep the enemy from their command center long enough to allow the Dark Angels to close in behind.
The Tau would be walking right into a hammer and anvil strategy, and Hawke had the hardest anvil that the Imperium could muster.

Look forward to the following coming soon:
  • Planet Strike: Tau back story (for the Tau perspective before conflict)
  • Planet Strike Terrain Project (as we assemble terrain to represent the various bits we will use in our campaign)
  • Planet Strike Campaign Project (as we use other systems as inspiration to create a campaign system to represent the Byzanthis conflict.