Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Narrative Campaign Begins! The Battle for Korva Prime.

The small celestial body known as Korva contains four notable features, Korva Prime a large earthen planet that lies desolate, its rocky crags concealing hard mineral resources.  While Korva Major, a desolate rock massive in size is the largest moon.  Korva Minor, a small moon that satellites closer to Prime then its larger brother, is the second moon.  And finally the Barrier, a string of asteroids floating in an orbit closer still to Prime than either moon.

Korva Prime is a world that has been on the eastern fringe under imperial control for a meager hundred years.  It is still heavily under construction as this world has vast mineral resources deep beneath its rugged exterior.  A full PDF defends the planet and manages several mining and construction crews as they run a planet wide resource excavation.  The digging crews do not know why they require so many guardsmen, nor do they understand why the brass are always so paranoid on this desolate place, but they do not realize how little they know.

Korva Prime's PDF has kept it a dark secret that this world once contained a verdant array of life, and even an intelligent species controlling its evolution.  It once contained it because the entire world was completely eradicated by virus bombing several hundred years prior, eradicated because the intelligent species were of Tyranid design.  The Emperors chosen care little for what grand design the Hive Mind had for this world, and now it has been reclaimed in his great name and glory.

So the men of Korva Prime toil away with ever vigilant guardsmen keeping close watch for any sign of life in the depths of this world that may have survived.

Chapter 1-

The Imperial Fist cruiser Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faithful) came to an abrupt halt upon the eastern fringe of Imperial space.  The orders of Brother Captain Zaicarious had just a moment ago been for his company to return to their chapter house for resupply, they had just completed a long campaign and their armory was at only half capacity.  Zaicarious had held the title of captain for only 3 years, and though he was used to the burden of commanding several men as a Sergent for countless years, the burden of choices like this felt heavy on his shoulders.

Not a moment ago his Brother Librarian had informed him of an incoming message coming from a downed Rogue Trader vessel.  What made the message remarkable was that it was coming from an asteroid moving as a strong pace, and the only noise heard in the message was the garbled screams of dying men.  This would not have been something worth the Astartes' time except that the asteroid was on a direct course with an imperial world, and the asteroid was one of several.  Their sheer size would be enough to kill thousands if not more.  This was the kind of decision that a Brother Captain makes and does not blink.

The Fidei Defensor would live up to its name sake, intercepting those asteroids, and destroying them with demolition charges before they could make impact.  Into the unknown, on a mission to save countless lives, his worn down supply would be enough for the Emperor rewards the faithful.

The order was given, and the brothers prepared them selves.  They would be sending down their Brother Chaplain along with a strike team to demolish the asteroids one at a time, the expertise of the Imperial Guard forces they had accompanying them would lend aid as well.

Upon landing on the asteroid and preparing the charges, the forces of mankind found something far more sinister than any natural occurring disaster.  The asteroid was host to a large force of Tyranid beasts, and the great devourer smelled meat.

Men died together as brothers in faith, while they had failed to destroy the rock, they did manage to communicate the true threat at hand to their chapter, and god willing they would have their revenge.


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